Healthy, clean, and safe traffic in your city

Your city wants to live. In motion, safe, healthy, and eco-friendly. Nexoo inspires motion in the city, because it believes, that cars, cyclists, and pedestrians can live in sustainable and safe symbiosis.

About solution

Nexoo offers to cities and its cycling and pedestrian inhabitants flexible and functional solution, which improves movement in city to more eco-friendly, healthy, and safe. Nexoo works with specialized hardware – virtual reality-based sensor and latest software technologies to bring to live Realistic-dynamic Urban Modelling with personalized collaborative approach.

Data for safer cities

Transport is an integral part of everyday life and affects the interests of all citizens. It creates a lively heartbeat of the state, but it also has significant negative effects. The integration of bicycle transport into the overall transport system has become important. Network of quality and safe bicycle roads can bring to city life at least four positive effects:

Enviroment friendly

A safe network of cycle paths will automatically attract new cyclists, and this will have a positive impact on city environment. There is no pollution during cycling, while pollution individual car traffic has increased in recent years (on the contrary, it has decreased for stationary sources). Increasing the share of bicycle traffic indirectly reduces noise in the area.

Active mobility

New and more safe cycle paths will contribute to greater use of the bicycle on everyday journeys for work, school, shopping and services, or leisure activities. In addition, cyclists do not have such a problem with finding parking spaces or traffic jams.

City smart planning

SMART cities plan the appropriate ratio of all modes of transport, promote active mobility and try to transform public spaces for citizens‘ use, which are suitable for increasing the intensity of leisure time in the city. However, without appropriate data it is impossible to plan urban development effectively.

Health benefits

Already half an hour of cycling every day of the week is an excellent prevention against diseases of civilization. Lack of exercise is just one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The health benefits of regular physical activity can be summarized : 50% reduction in coronary heart disease risk (similar effect to non-smoking), 50% reduction in adult diabetes risk, 50% reduction in obesity risk, 30% reduction in hypertension risk.

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