About nexoo

Nexoo brings into cities safe, healthy, and eco-friendly motion symbiosis of all vehicles and pedestrians across the Globe.

Ubiquitous information from individuals and city is connected to one helpful unique platform for enhanced protection of vulnerable road users exhibited on 3 substantial pillars.

technical background

Progressive technical background aggregated from the most current technology possibilities both hardware and software. We uniquely and precisely combine technical solutions with a unique virtual reality-based sensor.

Urban Modelling

Realistic-dynamic Urban Modeling collects, unifies, aggregates, evaluates and visualises data delivered directly by city or data uniquely developed by nexoo Urban-i-box. We create one time or regular analyses, which helps to understand traffic pain points in the city.

Tailored made

Tailored made consultancy develops a partnership that supports understanding and empathy of specific city and stakeholder’s needs. It leads to effective deep dive into traffic information analysis and thus create unique and functional solution.

How to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users?

Contact us for tailored made solution.

The main traffic problems that nexoo can help identify and solve thanks to the creation of risk hotspots include, for example, dangerous intersections, inappropriate traffic crossings, poorly managed bike lanes, dangerous islands, turning lanes, incorrect signage, etc.

Nexoo’s smart algorithm can analyse both offline data (statistical data, batch data, transit data) and online data (from traffic cameras, transport or cycling apps). It always depends on what data the municipality or urban traffic companies have available and are able to provide for analysis. A unique feature is the actual verification of the data directly in traffic using a smart AI sensor mounted on the handlebars of the bikes.

If a network of quality and safe bicycle roads can be built, then at least four effects of this effect can be seen:

  1. The new trails will contribute to greater use of the bicycle on everyday journeys for work, school, shopping and services, or leisure activities. 
  2. Smart urban transport planning contributes to a balanced ratio of all road users, reduces traffic jams, increases the usability of public space for leisure use instead of unnecessarily taking up parking spaces
  3. Active mobility promotes healthy lifestyles and contributes to disease prevention
  4. A safe network of cycle paths will automatically attract new cyclists, and this will have a positive impact on our environment. Pollution during cycling is zero.
It does not matter the size of the city, because we can analyze large units, but also individual streets or city districts. The safety of cyclists in traffic is important to us, so we propose smart measures to protect them based on data analysis and smart testing using an AI sensor mounted on the handlebars.

Our mission is safe, healthy and
eco-friendly city in motion.

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